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Majority of the deals or offers we find do not pay us any commissions. Our main goal is to find and publish the best travel deals and offers so that you can save and travel more around the world.

Sometimes when we recommend a product or a service, we’ll link to the company’s website using what’s known as an affiliate or referral link. Basically, if you end up buying a product that you found via our link, we get a commission from the vendor as a small “thank you.”

Sometimes that commission is just a few dollars; sometimes it’s a little more. Sometimes it’s a one-time commission; sometimes it’s a rolling commission.

But here’s the important thing — that referral don’t cost you a penny. You pay the same price, whether you buy through a referral link or without it. The entire commission comes out of the vendor’s pocket not yours.

And it goes without saying that we’ll never recommend a product or a deal simply because it pays us a commission because that would be sleazy, right?

So we’ll only recommend products that we’ve personally used or that come highly recommended by trusted peers. But majority of the links on this site do not give us any fees at all. We publish them quickly as soon as we find them, so that you can get the best deals before they expire.